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About Us

Our Motto

When the price is fair, the product is good, and the service is exceptional, why not choose to do business with a neighbor?


Our Pledge to You

As an independent agency, we can provide a wide variety of products that serve all your insurance needs, both personally and professionally. We have offices in the communities we serve, making your trip to see us just a drive in the neighborhood.



You get a lifetime commitment of service when you do business with Neighbor Insurance Services. We take pleasure in getting to know our customers personally so that we can help you select the right products and services. We act as your primary contact for the term of your insurance.


Have a question about your policy?

Give us a call. Need to file a claim? Stop in and we’ll help you through the process.



Neighbor Insurance Services employees live and work in the places we serve. We believe in giving back to our community, both economically and personally.

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